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Pazyryk gallery of Fine Carpets has been providing rugs and carpets at retail and wholesale rates to Greater Vancouver, BC for over three decades. This, coupled with our sales exhibitions in major regional centers all over Canada, has allowed the Pazyryk Carpet Gallery to bring the beauty of handmade carpets and area rugs to a great many homes across Vancouver. After more than a quarter century of serving the people of Canada we are not going to stop. We look forward to being here for years to come to help you find the carpet and rugs that turns a house into your beautiful home with flooring decor.

Handmade Carpet Industry

Carpets have been a part of homes and other human edifices for thousands of years. As an industry, carpet making traces its roots thousands of years ago to the plains of Central Asia, where nomads faced long, bitter winters and needed additional warmth and insulation. Aside from their practical use, carpets also became decorative and often reflected local cultures and practices.

All over the world, Persian carpets are the best-known and most recognizable. Centered around modern-day Iran, the Persian carpet industry makes up more than 30% of the global market for carpets. About 5 million square meters of Persian carpets are produced every year, and the Persian carpet industry in Iran employs close to 5 million people.

Persian carpets are commonly made of wool or cotton. Silk is rarely used because of higher cost and lack of durability as a floor covering; instead, silk is more common as a decorative tapestry.

Aside from the Persian carpets which are produced in Iran, many other countries across Asia are also large-scale producers of what is known as Oriental carpets. You will find large selections of carpets and rugs that are Persian, Pakistani, East Indian, Oriental, Kurdish, Torkemen and Afghan in origin, among many others.

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Rugs and Carpet Maintenance Services


Washing and Cleaning | Damage Restore | De-Dusting | Stretching | Stain Removal | Fringing

We will weave your rug and fully restore it.

Restore Damaged Rug

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We will wash and clean rugs and make them look like new.

Rug washing

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Protect your Rug and Floor

Protect your rugs and floor with a layer. Prevent carpet slipping and creep. Contact us with your custom floor dimensions and we will delivery for free.

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