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Despite having one of the largest inventories in Western Canada, We pride ourselves on having some of the finest collections of Persian & Oriental rugs. At present most Oriental rugs are being made in countries previously part of the Persian Empire, in an Area referred to as the rug belt. The area spans over a few thousand kilometers from North Africa to deep in South Asia. This has caused great variation in the details of rugs in the region. More traditional rugs have great details in their borders, motif and center medallions but more recently great variety of modern rugs are made due to high demand for more simplistic designs.The experts at Pazyryk rug gallery, are committed to providing the customers with the best personalized service in the business. We will help you in every step of the way as we strongly believe that an educated customer is a our best costumer. We are confident to have the carpet to match your interior design vision and we offer no obligation free trial to make sure you are extremely satisfied with your purchase. Furthermore complimentary Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request to ensure our valued customers of the quality of our rugs.

Galleries are only a sample of what is available in store, we do have an additional 5000 pieces in our warehouse. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to help find the right piece for you.


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